Project partnership

(from Project Proposal in 2000)

This project has a total of 21 partners out of which 12 come from the EU. The EU partners and Charles University, Prague have considerable experience with the development and implementation of web-based vocational training. Partners from Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and the project promoter, the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (UWB), will apply their academic know-how during the development of the 5 web-based MM vocational training courses. In addition, UWB will employ its experience with the development of MM components, and the UK partner will employ his experience with the development, implementation, and evaluation of web-based training. The partners from Germany, Italy and other Czech partners will focus on the input analysis in view of education needs coupled with the labour market requirements. It is expected that this synergy created by the proposed transnational collaboration will guarantee the quality of the training courses both in terms of content and didactics.

In terms of dissemination, the EU partners from Germany and Italy and the Czech partners UWB and Charles University will ensure the sustainability of the developed 5 web-based MM training courses in the form of continuing education training courses. Moreover, some partners in Czech Republic, Italy and Germany will actively participate during the piloting phase of this project; the other partners will act as knowledgeable disseminators of the 5 MM vocational training courses during the post-project phase.