Project justification

(from Project Proposal in 2000)

This project addresses investment in human resources as a company strategy, by promoting the adaptability of SME employees in a time of technological and organisational changes in SMEs. In order to facilitate an improvement in the theoretical know-how and applied skills of SME employees 5 web-based (on-line) multimedia (MM) training courses will be developed. These web-based MM courses will be equally accessible to anyone interested in further retraining, including disadvantaged persons, and will foster the acquisition of competitive qualifications, hence improving the adaptability of SME employees in a dynamic labour market. Furthermore, the objectives will be achieved through the collaboration of project partners (i.e. vocational training providers, universities, and SMEs) in the preparation of training courses, their implementation into the web-based environment and followed by piloting and the dissemination of project results in four languages. The project participants will promote future vocational training initiatives by creating visibility for and credibility of MM vocational training in the project partner countries.