Project dissemination

(from Project Proposal in 2000)

Dissemination aims at a multiplier effect and includes the following dissemination initiatives: 3 national seminars (in Czech Republic, Italy and Germany) for potential post-project disseminators, 1 international expert seminar followed by a practical sampling of the project results for participants from EU and pre-accession countries, and articles in the national media. The inclusion of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Regional Development Agency as disseminators of the proposed MM vocational training courses during the post-project phase will ensure that other SMEs in the Czech Republic will become exposed to the project results. Further dissemination will be guaranteed by the inclusion of the developed courses into the training program of the project partners (i.e. Germany and Italy). An additional beneficial outcome of this project will be the furthering of links between academia and SMEs in the field of ODL/ICT vocational training.