Human Resource Management

  1. The Principles of Human Resource Management
  2. Organization of Human Resource Management
  3. Setting Personnel Policies
  4. Areas of Responsibility and Organization of Human Resource Management
  5. Human Resources Planning
  6. Planning Manpower Requirement
  7. Planning Quantitative Manpower Requirement
  8. Planning Qualitative Manpower Requirement
  9. Development of Requirement of Qualification – Sales Markets
  10. Standardization of Production, Job Sharing and Sharing of Functions
  11. Development of Requirements of Qualification – Buyers’ Markets
  12. Flexibility of Production, Integration of Work and Functions
  13. Requirements of Qualifications and Key Qualifications
  14. Planning the Number of Personnel
  15. Planning Redundancy
  16. Planning Training and Development
  17. Planning the Vocational Training
  18. Planning Stages of Industrial Training
  19. Planning Further Education
  20. Recruiting Staff
  21. Ways of Procurement
  22. Applications
  23. The Selection Process
  24. Contracts of Employment
  25. Personnel Management
  26. Different Tasks and Management Devices
  27. Management Devices Concerning Personnel
  28. Management Devices in Organization
  29. Employee Benefit Plans
  30. Different Types of Employee Benefits
  31. Personnel Administration
  32. Payroll Accounting
  33. Social Administration