About demo

In the BATCOS project there are developed the courses, which are intended for the tuition through the Internet (in the media LMS EDEN and/or CORNELIA). In addition, study articles of all the project courses are recorded on CD (in a form of a very simplified “e-book”).

In this demo there is the content of the study articles introduced for every course and it is possible to see short fragments from the courses.

Since the project verifies also the propriety of the presentation form and the use of the multimedia components in the Internet environment, there are various modifications of the technical processing of animation components used in different courses.

Courses are prepared for monitors with resolution 1024x768 and higher. For enlargement of the chosen pictures you can use Zoom .

Demo requires Explorer 4 or a higher version, Netscape 6.2 or a higher version, operation system W95 or higher.

Some samples insist on Windows Media Player 6.4 or a higher version, Flash Player.

All updating can be found on the following websites:

Codecs Windows Media 8

Flash Player 6

Windows Media Player

In case that automatic updating of codecs will not run when starting the video from Internet, please install the necessary codecs from the above-mentioned websites. In case that the animation cannot be run, please install Flash Player 6 from the above-mentioned websites.

Technical support can be provided by: