"Development & Piloting of Basic On-Line Training Courses" project - (BATCOS), No. CZ/00/B/F/PP-134013 was solved as a constituent of the EU educational programme Leonardo da Vinci II. The aim of this project was to develop 5 blocks of multimedia educational courses, which will be available through the internet. To improve the accessibility of the tutorial materials, the lecture part of the courses is also recorded on CDs. Thus the problematic can be studied without the internet access. However, these CDs only simplify the study in the courses, they do not replace the communication while studying with the internet utilization.

Courses are aimed at:

Information Technology in Business Practice
Information and Communication Networks in Business Practice
Business Administration
Project Management
Production Processes

Interpretation in the individual course blocks and their modules is supported by graphic and animation components and also by video. The course text is written in a way to be comprehensible to the target users' group, i.e. the workers in companies (mainly small and middle) and some groups of unemployed. Its utilization is also along with the study on high schools and universities.

On solving the project participated universities and their partners from the Czech Republic, Italy and Great Britain, educational institution from Germany, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Labor Office in Pilsen and other companies from the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy (see option "Project team"). Courses are in Czech and English, part in German and Italian languages.

The project was finished in November 2003 and subsequently the courses are offered to the parties concerned in the workplaces that participated on the project solving and also to other potential educational institutions.

This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community. The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community or the National Agency, nor does it involve any responsibility on their part.

The content of the courses and samples are presented in demo. In case of any problems with using demo, please read Demo Information .